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Sunday, 18 April 2010


We are really enjoying two book at the moment. Little House in the Big Woods and Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. I have been very aware lately that my days of reading out loud to the girls are running short with the youngest being 10 or so I thought.....

Even though Alice is betting older she has been snuggled up with the others and is enjoying listening immensely. It's so special to have them all in bed drinking tea and enjoying the journey of the story and I will mourn these moments hugely when they really do come to an end.


The week ended on a really lovely calmness. We have been soaking up the spring sunshine and have been sorting out the garden having been distracted up until now. We are late with seeds but are determined to make up for lost time.
Alice is such a good gardener but I have also been surprised by how much the others have been enjoying their patches.
A really big inspiration has been this lovely programme. Watch it on iplayer if you get a chance it's beautifully shot and very inspiring.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Back again.

Apologies for the absence, it's been a bit of a strange few weeks!

Paul lost his lovely Nan which has really knocked us sideways she really was the matriarch of the family and will be greatly missed. This has coincided with him also starting up a very new and shaky relationship with his Dad.

Liv celebrated her 10th Birthday which really is something to celebrate because she is marvelous :o)

Anyhow, thanks for bearing with me! xx