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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Despair :o(

I disagree with those that suggest the London riots were in any way political riots. 

In my mind these events have nothing to do with poverty, bankers or politicians. This is about opportunistic louts that have lost or have never had an ounce of respect or decency. My husband grew up in London and in poverty and he knew to respect himself and his community. Where are the parents of these violent youngsters - looting alongside them maybe? Did any of them stop to consider the fact that once the riots have stopped they will have to live in these burned out shells that used to be their home towns?? And WHEN was it ever acceptable to attack and harm ambulance crews and fire fighters, the very people that are there to give unbiased help??

I do agree that the rise of the constant media attention put on the likes of Katie Price and the Beckhams has brainwashed young people into thinking that they have a right to what ever they want whenever they want it. 

I feel very sad today :(


  1. I so hear you Amanda...a very sad few days indeed.

  2. I have been abroad for the last ten days so have been trying to translate using the french papers, however, this is exactly what I said to my husband this evening. I am sometimes ashamed to be British.

  3. Only just seen this. Totally agree with every word you've written. xxxx