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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


So the girls have decided after 4 years to return to school!

Alice had her first day last Wednesday and really it couldn't have gone better. She was so brave and calm about it all and when she came in through the door she was bouncy and happy. Everyone had been so kind and helpful and she didn't get lost once!

The last four years have been an absolute gift but it now seems time to move on to the next chapter. The older the girls are getting the harder HE has been for us. We have nothing really local so every to trip to spend time with other home educators is at the very least a 30 minute drive in the car.

Alice is in need of independence and that's hard when you don't have friends that are just up the road. She was starting to feel lonely and really wanted to spread her wings so after a long talk on the train to London we decided to give it a go. Whilst chatting it transpired that Liv and Iz would also like to have a go at school. Izzy is missing friends she has locally and spending an hour with them at Guides once a week isn't enough. Liv the most social of all 3 girls and she just wants to be with people!

I guess I've always thought about the girls as being MY little girls but actually they have needs that are independent of me. When they are small all they want to do is be with Mummy and Daddy but they are growing faster than I could ever of imagined and that just isn't enough anymore. I think we probably have a stronger family unit than a lot of people and that makes this a little easier because we all know that we will support each through whatever life throws at us.

So I'm just sitting back and enjoying the positives this new change will bring and not dwelling on the feelings of failure that keep trying to show themselves.


  1. There is no failure, they have seen and experienced other ways of educating themselves, and they've had that time to reflect on what they need. It sounds like they are all positive about it, have each other, and you - you're still very much needed and their number one "teacher" in life.

    Blessings to the girls as they embark on a new chapter, and to you too xxx

  2. Hugs lovely...if thats what the girls want then thats where they will thrive :o)

  3. Thank you both. The girls are really happy, I think we needed to see both sides of the fence to know what is right for now. Never say never though....