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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thoughts on school

Alice has completed her first 3 weeks at school and has now finished for the summer.

My initial thoughts are that this is going to be so good for her. She is by nature a very quiet and shy person and being at home has been great for her to immerse herself in that but I have started to doubt whether this will stand her in good stead for the future? I would never want to change who she is but I also think that she can sometimes miss out by being too afraid to put herself forward. I recognise her internal struggle in myself and it's only now at the age of 38 I've found coping mechanisms to deal with the fear. My hope is that being with others who don't feel the same worry she will also finds ways of putting her point across without the shutters coming down.

The work side has been really good too. The art department have been magnificent in their efforts to get her caught up with the other students and Alice loves the facilities in the textiles rooms. She has also found a fondness for science which I think she has surprised herself with. After being 1 mark off an A in her first week of being there maybe she has a hidden talent??

It really feels like the world is suddenly opening up for the children and they and I are are excited by this thought. It had felt like something needed to shift over the past year. As wonderful as Home Ed has been for us, we simply had to face the fact that no matter how much we love being at home together it can't stay like that forever and the girls will need to shape lives for themselves at some point.

Izzy and Liv are also very excited about what the future has in store for them. I hope their first weeks are as positive as Alice's have been :o)


  1. It's so good to hear that Alice is enjoying things and that you are positive about this new chapter in your girls' lives.